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David Tanny Boycott Bing--Because It's No Good 
Bing stands for "But It's Not Google". More like "But It's No Good" to me! Bing canceled my account for some mysterious reason about their TOS violation which they won't explain.
2015-07-21 artpaul
I don't know which is worse bing or your song ? But keep trying you never know you might come up with something good yet.
2015-08-04 Tzahnke
Well, the song isn't that bad, but it's not a big-time Demento song either. Well, neither are my songs. I haven't had that many problems with Bing, but I've been using Google a lot more. Do you have a Google song?
2015-08-06 davidtanny
To Tz: I haven't received any kind of inspiration to write a song about Google yet. I was surprised that three days after recording and sending it (that Tuesday evening) to Dr. Demento, he played it on his July 11, 2015 show.
2015-09-07 Ruben and The Novelty Shack
Hey,David! Congrats on getting your song on the Dr. Demento Show. I can actually play your song on my guitar.
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