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Tyler Zahnke AutoSake: The Unauthorized Auto-Tune vs. Vocoder Story 
It's the same old story, for Heap's sake! You've probably heard it a billion times, especially if you are in the music industry: "Insert name of singer/rapper here can't sing! He just uses Auto-Tune or a vocoder to make it sound like he can sing!" Also, there are people who prefer a vocoder, the neat robovoice effect used in Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek, Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade, and several songs by Electric Light Orchestra, Mr. Roboto by Stix, and even bits of the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange, or Auto-Tune, the more modern-sounding robovoice effect used by Cher, T-Pain, and pretty much everyone else in the studio these days. This technology fascinated me so much that I did a bit in 2012 about what would happen if a petition to ban Auto-Tune got enough support. Would the vocoder that ELO and Stix used get banned too? I don't think so; it sounds like a robot in more of a comical way than Auto-Tune does, though both have been very funny in different situations on YouTube. Note: No vocoders or Auto-Tune were used in the production of this bit; this bit is about these technologies, but does not utilize them, except for the comically-placed short Cher clips played over a tiny speaker.
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