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Tyler Zahnke The Tale of the Three Female Stars 
"Hey Skeeter, what is this mess of audio that you call a song?" Okay, nobody has actually called me Skeeter, and no one has called this song a mess of audio, but someone will, more than likely. Whether it's tomorrow, next week, or when scientists learn how to resurrect Walt Disney, it will happen. So, what is this song? "What's wrong with this song"? Okay, that was a comedy musician inside joke! Forgive me! So, this song was something I came up with after visiting the Song Fight website in early 2015, and saw that the title that was given for next week's fight was "Three Stars". Well, I thought about coming up with this crazy rap about my dreams, since I've had dreams about going up light years into space to see stars, dreams about five-pointed stars, and dreams about movie stars. But I didn't want too many kinds of stars in my song, so I stuck to the celebrity sense of the word, and wrote about a dream I had about three very short female celebrities who came from an Abbey, or "front" as they called it, on another planet. I decided, this song will be even crazier if the accompaniment track is made of clips of the 1970s British instrumental rock band Midas Touch. You know, the band that's famous in England for being the accompaniment to some London Weekend Television commercials? The same band who is famous in the United States because the producers of American X-rated movies in the late '70s decided to use their music to accompany their movies? Of course you've never heard of them; they never end up in the credits! Greedy movie companies! So I decided to put samples of this classic band into a virtual blender and use that as my loopy, psychedelic, funky accompaniment while I rap about the craziest dream imaginable, involving three mouse-sized female celebrities from an abbey on another planet! On the cornt of thray! Thray, toe, win, blarst orf!
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