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Tyler Zahnke Oh Golapulus 
When I was five, I wanted to write a song called "Oh Million". Later that year I thought of "Oh Billion" and "Oh Trillion". Before I even finished a song idea, I would hear about a more massive number. When I was eight, I heard about the biggest number found in a common English dictionary, the googolplex. Of course, later on, I learned that numbers much bigger were being created by mathematicians on the Internet. The one that boggled the mind of anybody who heard about it was one of Jonathan Bowers's infamous numbers, the golapulus. So phenomenally big that you can't describe it in scientific notation or arrow notation. Last year, a good friend of mine was playing Robert Schumann's "Of Foreign Lands and People" on the piano, and the words "oh golapulus" came into my head when she started playing. So I decided to find a recording of the famous classical piece by Schumann and sing these words over the recording. All the words in this song, such as golapulus, gongulus, super gongulus, and googolplex, are amazingly large numbers coined by mathematicians. Most were coined within the past fifteen years by people like Jonathan Bowers and Sbiis Saibian, but googolplex was coined in the late 1930s! Grab a glass jar, math geeks, and fill 'er up!

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