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Derwood Bowen Exterminators 
I turned Björk's song "Earth Intruders" into a song about Daleks from Doctor Who. There are some rather episode-specific references in this [such as the Thals and the Doctor's decision on whether or not to stop the creation of the Daleks in the serial Genesis of the Daleks], but hopefully that doesn't make the song any less enjoyable.

2015-09-26 Derwood Bowen
So, of all bloody things, Internet Archive decided to take their site down to do some maintenance, and as a result, my song is inaccessible. So, you'll have to listen via this URL: http://www.derwoodbowen.com/files/Exterminators.mp3
2015-09-26 wildcard9
Good song and no spoilers from this week's or last week's episodes
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