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Chris Wolvie Hey, Force, Wake Up! [f/Anthony "A-Log" Logatto] 
A long time ago in a recording booth far, far away, Dickie Goodman recorded little-known cut-ins for the original "Star Wars" trilogy. Some time later, Whimsical Will did cut-ins for the first two of the PREQUEL trilogy. Now, with a whole new trilogy starting under the glove of the Mouse, intrepid reporter [and far-out space nut] Chris Wolvie travels to Jakku to try get the Force out of its dark slumber. Wolvie used cut-ins from ALL 14 albums from his favorite demented artist, "Weird Al" Yankovic...in chronological order, no less! And joining him in reporting is his "rival" Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto! Thank you, A-Log...and I'll keep to the peace accords...for now.
2015-12-04 wildcard9
Very well done!! And nice touch using the Al cut-ins in chronological order
2015-12-05 jedipoet
love it.
2015-12-09 JonnySpazzAlt
That was amazing...simply amazing. Keep up the good work! P.S. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that i didn't catch that the clips were in chronological order until I read the description. You're not only talented--you're almost TOO talented!
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