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Mini Nifty A Mixed Up Story 
After hearing break-in artists such as Dickie Goodman, Wacky Ben, Whimsical Will and A Log, I couldn't help but notice how cleverly they used samples of other people's work. But then I discovered FortyOne and Wayne Butane. These two artists make bits entirely out of samples; they never record their own voices. But the mixtape artists seem to be inspired by the break-in artists, and when I thought about which one I would like to be, I chose to be a mixtape artist. I am making an underground mixtape album called Choice Samples; if you want the album when it is done, or even pieces of it right now, please contact me. This is the third track from the album. These include clips from a children's record containing a version of the Tortoise and the Hare story, clips from Carrie Dahlby, Cirque Du So What, the movie Shaye and Kiki, a.k.a. Shaye Saint John, and clips that were sent to me! So you will hear both recognizable and totally obscure clips in this mixed up story!
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