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Mini Nifty Images of Believing 
Yet another mix track from Mini's mixed up mixtape, Choice Samples. We Nifties live by the word "believe"; we believe that it is the most important word in the English language. And "creer" is the most important word in the Spanish language, but that's another story. Whenever things go wrong, we always tell ourselves to keep on believing. Sometimes things are going so well that we just can't believe it! No matter what the situation, this nifty little seven-letter word has really come in handy for us, so we thought it was about time that a montage involving this important word be made, and who can do a believe montage better than Mini Nifty, which specializes in montage and believes in believing? So here it is; the fourth track from Choice Samples, the most unbelievable collage album since FortyOne's No More Mayonnaise or Wayne Butane's Seduckted!
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