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Mini Nifty Circus of the What 
This little piece of Mini Nifty mixtape madness is a tribute to the best act in comedy music/Dementia to ever exist! No, not Weird Al; Cirque Du So What! I mean, come on! Luke Ski is divine! Worm Quartet is amazing! Devo Spice is unbelievable! Power Salad is the top of the line! CDSW is all four combined! Whew wee! So, I found it fitting, since I had been working on the Choice Samples Mixtape, to do a tribute to this sketch-comedy supergroup in the form of cutting up a bunch of samples from different CDSW tracks, putting them end to end, and then putting some stock music I got off of a secondhand record in the background! So, for your listening tile Seaside Hotel Carson Avenue honey mustard from the makers of Shrek nipple brace Javatopia serves bees angel incontinence pleasures, here is Circus of the What!
2016-04-14 wildcard9
Very nice!!
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