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Chris Wolvie Hey, X-Men! 16 
Intrepid report [and plain old homo sapiens] Chris Wolvie talks to the Inhumans...er, I mean, mutants schooled by Professor X...who sounds quite a bit like Twenty-One Pilots, Steve Goodie and Power Salad. Also starring Adele as Mystique, Andy Grammer as Cyclops, PSY as Quicksilver, Carla Ulbrich as Psylocke...and the most terrifying "Apocalypse" EVER! Oh, and a certain OTHER mutant breaking CHRIS' fourth wall.
2016-05-28 davidtanny
Congratulations on your latest summer movie break-in. A-Log? We're waiting for yours. :-)
2016-05-28 EclecticLee
That was fun!
2016-05-31 wildcard9
Very well done!! And no spoilers since everything covered was in the trailers.
2016-06-11 davidtanny
Just played it on ISGD this weekend on madmusic and it also got streamed as part of that same episode on IRN.
2016-06-25 artpaul
I don't think I'm gonna see the movie but I like your song
2016-06-25 ChrisWolvie
Please vote for this on Dr. Demento. I don't want to accuse the Good Doctor of deliberately posting my songs during a Top Ten show just so I don't show up on the list...but I can't help thinking it. Please go to http://www.drdemento.com/request/ and ask for my song to MAKE the July Top Ten!
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