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Mini Nifty What Shall We Play? 
This was one of our first bits, created only a week or so after the founding of Mini Nifty in January 2016. The bit was posted on our AnyAudio page in August 2016, but I found it finally time to let the Dementoids and Dementites hear it, though if any are truly following us, they have probably already heard it. But, for completeness, here it is for all you fine folks at The FuMP. You may recognize some clips from The FuMP; the main beat, and even a line of lyrics, was sampled from Rob Balder's "Gamer Funk", a clip from the live version of Possible Oscar's "Dead Nintendo", the "Must Be Pac-Man" part of Luke Ski's It's a Fanboy Christmas III, and even a super obscure clip randomly pulled from a 2015 file of the show DJ Particle had on Mad Music, Mad Music Top 20 Revenge. There's even a clip of the FuMP version of Rob Balder's Nethack song, Yet Another Stupid Decade, and possibly some other clips familiar to Dementia fans, such as Space Invaders. Mix it with some random YouTube clips, files from video game/audio game installation packs, and any references to games we could think of; into the sampling bin it all went! So here it is, one of the first Mini Nifty bits, now with wider exposure!
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