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Jake Waters Where Everybody Knows You're Gay 
I started to wonder what it would be like if TV shows from the past were to be written for today's audiences. In this piece, I perform a new and updated Cheers theme song.
2007-08-20 weirdojace
You showed this to me a while back. Funny stuff here! I also see that it's been doing a decent job on the DT 20! Keep it up man.
2007-08-20 MarlinsGirl
This is an awesome song, Jake.
2007-08-20 samuel_whyte
This is great.:)
2007-08-20 JakeWaters
Thanks, guys!
2007-08-28 davidtanny
We are gay, and that's okay, cuz gay means happy and happy means gay, We're not sad anymore Cuz we're out the closet door It's so great, hey, to be gay! From South Park
2007-09-01 djseamus
That's it? Only one verse? It was a good verse, Jake, don't get me wrong. I'd love to hear a completed version....a great idea here to be sure.
2008-06-06 coderjo
(yeah... holy necropost!) Great song. I'm also somewhat amused that there is a verse to the original song that was cut out of the TV version, which included the line "Any your husband wants to be a girl." I guess it was just too risque for the time, and the song was too long...
2016-02-07 avatarofshadow
this won't play as of 02/07/16.
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