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Project Sisyphus Me And You And A Dog Snafu 
Recently-unleashed parody of Lobo's "Me and You and a Dog Snafu." Dog lovers hate it. Football fans hate it. Bet you will too.

2007-09-18 Hurricane
This song is completely awesome- it truly warms the soul to think that Mr. Vick has now been immortalized in comedic lore :P
2007-09-18 devospice
Awesome song! Nice work!
2007-09-18 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks guys! :)
2007-09-18 LoonieBin
Best Sideshow so far.
2007-09-19 madmanOTL
As I sit in my basement under the fantasy football championship banners and next to the Dolphin's paraphenalia, I could not stop laughing while listening to the song. Great work.
2007-09-19 madmanOTL
oops, Dolphins'
2007-09-20 Balder
This sounds really good! I think Leona Helmsley's dog should buy the Vick farm.
2007-09-21 badavecom
Fantastic Recording guy. . .I enjoyed it. . .B.A. Dave
2007-09-22 davidtanny
Two songs about dogs in a row. Guess the dog days of summer ain't over yet.
2007-09-23 peterfump9
Reality bites.....LOL
2007-10-05 peterfump9
It will be played on Dr. Demento 10-7-07 show.
2007-10-10 JonnySpazzbourne
"Parody of Lobo's "Me And You And A Dog Snafu"." Uhh, you mean "Me And You And A Dog N-A-M-E-D B-O-O."
2007-10-13 peterfump9
Yeah, I didn't notice that.
2007-10-18 ProjectSisyphus
You guys are right--oops. Senility seems to be coming blissfully early.
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