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Below Average Dave Antarctican Terrorists 
My first Green Day parody recording had to be big, and I think that writing a parody of American Idiot was just--it had to be done--and recorded. I like the end result quite a bit, and would love to do more Green Day songs, they are fun and challenging to parody. Special thanks to Jack "Red Ant" Fletcher for helping to find the backing track

2007-09-24 JonnySpazzbourne
Me again, as in Jonathan S. (from Amiright.com). Interesting and quite unique (in a good way) choice for an "American Idiot" spoof.
2007-09-24 badavecom
Thank you Jonathan, I appreciate your comment and support!
2007-09-24 davidtanny
Good parody. Someone else can do a parody of that song using American Idol as a subject.
2007-10-04 MarlinsGirl
this song is hysterical!
2007-11-16 dr.demento the 2nd
once again man i gota give u props this song is fucking funny!
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