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Below Average Dave Magic Man 
A parody of Christina Aguilera's Candyman about David Blaine, the king of TV magic

2009-06-22 davidtanny
Why do I keep picturing Beyonce's video "All You Single Ladies" when I hear this song?
2009-06-22 badavecom
I'm not sure, maybe it's her epileptic seizure imitation she's doing in a leotard, it's magically addictive despite Beyonce's serious lack of judgment in the video's simplicity
2009-06-23 davidtanny
I thought those two pop songs on the radio sounded alike. Couldn't tell which was which until I saw the Beyonce video. At least they can sing.
2009-06-23 badavecom
Haha. . .I think I might do "Epileptic Seizures" to (All the) "Single Ladies" . . .sing yes. . .dance not so much (that kinda goes for both)
2009-06-26 wildcard9
GOOD song, Dave. This one I really enjoyed.
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