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Below Average Dave Bowl It 
Beat It by Michael Jackson, this is one of my classics, but I never did take the time to post it here, so here it is Fumpers!

2009-07-29 DJ Particle
As an avid bowler, this one I just had to download when you first released it on badave.com last month :) Love it!
2009-07-29 badavecom
Thanks Particle! This one was extremely fun to do, I'm also an avid bowler, awesome that another serious dementia artist is into bowling!
2009-07-30 jamesonthenet
Awesome. RIP Michael Jackson
2009-07-31 badavecom
Thank you jamesonthenet, and I agree 100%
2009-07-31 Ruben and The Novelty Shack
Hey, Dave, wasn't this on Am I Right once upon a time? I recall hearing it there. I will say it is a unique parody of Beat It.
2009-08-01 badavecom
That's a yep, I am slowly trying to get the FUMP caught up with my archive while posting new stuff. . .
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