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Chris Wolvie Hey, Green Lantern! 
In the vein of Dickie Goodman and Whimsical Will "cut-in" songs of the past 40-plus years, intrepid - and mildly eccentric - reporter Chris Wolvie travels to Coastal City to talk to Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan...who oddly sounds at times like Luke Ski, Weird Al, Rebecca Black, Cee Lo Green, Adele, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, et al. Special appearances by Carol Ferris as Rihanna, Abin Sur as Mumford and Sons, Sinestro as Avril Lavigne...and the SCARIEST Parallax you could EVER imagine!
2011-06-04 davidtanny
I am forced by the Green Hornet to play this song on next weekend's FT20 as an extra. If you get your people to go to vote.davesfunstuff.com however, I'll have to actually premiere it in the top 20. Good job Chris. Hope it does well and gets played everywhere.
2011-06-05 wildcard9
Well done, Chris. I hope Dr Demento picks this up and plays it as this year's summer movie cut-up. I miss Whimisical Will doing these, and thank you for continuing them.
2011-06-17 lukeski
Hey Chris, congrats on getting this played on The Dr. Demento Show. You did a great job! And thanks for including an excerpt from "It's Good To Be The King!"
2011-07-04 A-Log
Out of curiosity, where does the "I really *Wilhelm scream*ed it up this time" line come from? But still, great break-in. Doing well on my show, btw.
2011-07-12 ChrisWolvie
(Re: A-Log's question) Mumford and Sons' "Little Lion Man". It's part of the chorus. Except, of course, the Wilhelm.
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