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Chris Wolvie

About Chris Wolvie

Born in mid-1971, Chris had an identity crisis; he didn't know what kind of socialite to be. After years of abuse in elementary, middle and high school (as well as a few weeks in an institution), he finally discovered his place: as pretty much an ANTI-socialite. Thank God that Al Gore came up with the internet around that time or chances are he wouldn't have ANY friends.

A Dr. Demento fan since 1991, a Weird Al fan since 1983 and a generally odd person since childbirth, it's no wonder he turned to funny music to keep his sanity. He wrote his first parody as a 6th grade project...and he's been unable to stop ever since. Many of his parodies have failed to see the light of day...at least until amiright.com came around. He recorded some, sent them to Dr. D. and, after a hard drive crash, never heard them again.

One kind of novelty song he REALLY liked was the "cut-in" bits done by Dickie Goodman and Whimsical Will. Parts of popular songs acting as responses to questions? @#$%in' BRILLIANT! He gave it a few tries, even making a tribute to Will in late-2001 with "Hey, William!" (which is still up at his site, BTW). And when Will announced his "retirement" from the genre, Chris picked up the baton and staggered listlessly with it. His first "Summer Blockbuster Cut-In", "Hey, Green Lantern!" was released on the sideshow a few weeks before the movie tanked...er, I mean premiered. AND it was played up on Dr. D. the weekend before the movie...so that's something off the bucket list, anyway.

When not finding ways to get song snippets for his "interviews" for free, Chris helps his long-time friend Max DeGroot in making and suggesting some parodies (and do well, considering their politics make Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Rielly seem like old friends). He also enjoys recapping some reality shows for another website, creating funny commentary tracks for animated films, watching pro-wrestling (or "sports entertainment"; whichever you prefer), and b@#$%ing about his job at the "Evil Retail Empire".

Chris is really a fun-loving (if rather eccentric) fellow. Those who know him know this...and usually tell those who DON'T know him to keep their distance.

For more information on Chris Wolvie please visit the artist's web site at: http://wolvieprods.com

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