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About Angelastic

A code monkey, lab macaque, mathematics lemur and writing baboon who occasionally employs a choir of robots to make up for lack of singing ability, but has yet to find a way to compensate for general lack of musical talent. She nonetheless has a facebook fan page and she created the world's best accent-aware rhyming dictionary.

For more information on Angelastic please visit the artist's web site at: http://angelastic.com

2017-09-03 (1 comment)
Angelastic Why I Perform at Open Mics
2015-01-25 (1 comment)
Angelastic Better, Robot-to-Human version
2014-10-08 (1 comment)
Angelastic Shit Your Inner Voice Says
2014-08-20 (1 comment)
Angelastic Self-Avoiding Walk
2014-07-14 (2 comments)
Angelastic The Numbers Are Not Enough
2014-05-31 (3 comments)
Angelastic A Song For Angelastic to Sing With Worm Quartet
2013-05-29 (0 comments)
Angelastic mp<3
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