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Byron Lee

About Byron Lee

Byron Lee is addicted to comedy and dementia music. He cut his teeth on cheap compilations of kid safe silly songs, and soon was drawn deep into the seedy comedy underworld. He realized that he had a problem when he would stand on the corner with a transistor radio trying to get his Dr. Demento fix. When he realized it was too late for him to escape the crippling dementia addiction he figured the best thing to do was drag everyone else around him down with him. For the last 12 years he has been dealing the hard stuff to anyone who would listen. His 2 hour comedy show "The Fun Zone" is simulcast on Dementia Radio, The Beyond Radio Network, and Radio Free Dishnuts. Once in a while he is even bold enough to manufacturer some funny of his own, and The FuMP Sideshow is the best place to get it. While not of the quality some of the others produce, it's still effective in tickling your funny bone. Go ahead kid, give it a try, you'll like it!

For more information on Byron Lee please visit the artist's web site at: www.byronlee.com

2012-12-29 (5 comments)
Byron Lee Hey, Whimsical Will
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