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Tyler Zahnke

About Tyler Zahnke

I am a comedy/parody musician who likes Bob Rivers, the Neil Rogers Show, anyone on Dr. Demento, the Bob and Tom show, or The FuMP. I do other kinds of music on the side, and have been on Song Fight a few times.

For more information on Tyler Zahnke please visit the artist's web site at: http://tyler_zahnke.editthis.info

2017-03-20 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty What Shall We Play?
2016-06-29 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Another Mixed Up Story
2016-06-22 (1 comment)
Mini Nifty A Groovy Movie
2016-05-01 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Futuristic Looping
2016-04-28 (1 comment)
Mini Nifty Culinary Classics
2016-04-14 (1 comment)
Mini Nifty Circus of the What
2016-03-19 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Images of Believing
2016-03-16 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Ring Ring!
2016-03-14 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty A Mixed Up Story
2015-11-21 (1 comment)
Tyler Zahnke MP3
2015-09-03 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke One Week of the Internet
2015-08-29 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke Oh Golapulus
2015-08-05 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke No Take-backs!
2015-08-01 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke The Tale of the Three Female Stars
2015-07-29 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke ICBI Commercial
2015-07-26 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke AutoSake: The Unauthorized Auto-Tune vs. Vocoder Story
2015-07-22 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke The Ardrana Song
2014-08-04 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke Tech Support Staff
2014-08-02 (1 comment)
Tyler Zahnke Will You Delete This File Off My Drive?
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