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Mini Nifty

About Mini Nifty

Mini Nifty is a project of two very nifty session musicians, Tyler and Lizzie, who are trying to make it professionally in the session scene. One thing we don't tell the other seshies is that we like to cut up their material and make collages that sound like some unusual hybrid of Dickie Goodman, Whimsical Will, A-Log, Wacky Ben, Wayne Butane, FortyOne, Negativland, People Like Us, Vinyl Boy, YTP videos, and the late 80s film Amok Assault. I would like to thank the Keith Prowse partnership from back in the 1800s for existing; if it didn't, we would not be using the name Nifty.

For more information on Mini Nifty please visit the artist's web site at: http://nifty.editthis.info

2017-04-22 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty A Mixed Up Seshie Story
2017-03-20 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty What Shall We Play?
2016-06-29 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Another Mixed Up Story
2016-06-22 (1 comment)
Mini Nifty A Groovy Movie
2016-05-01 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Futuristic Looping
2016-04-28 (1 comment)
Mini Nifty Culinary Classics
2016-04-14 (1 comment)
Mini Nifty Circus of the What
2016-03-19 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Images of Believing
2016-03-16 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty Ring Ring!
2016-03-14 (0 comments)
Mini Nifty A Mixed Up Story
2015-11-21 (1 comment)
Tyler Zahnke MP3
2015-09-03 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke One Week of the Internet
2015-08-29 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke Oh Golapulus
2015-08-05 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke No Take-backs!
2015-08-01 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke The Tale of the Three Female Stars
2015-07-29 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke ICBI Commercial
2015-07-26 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke AutoSake: The Unauthorized Auto-Tune vs. Vocoder Story
2015-07-22 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke The Ardrana Song
2014-08-04 (0 comments)
Tyler Zahnke Tech Support Staff
2014-08-02 (1 comment)
Tyler Zahnke Will You Delete This File Off My Drive?
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