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DJ Particle Pandarendansen

[to the tune of "Caramelldansen" by Caramell]
Lyrics 2012 Emi M. Briet

We wonder are you ready for pandas now
Hands on your keyboard, we'll show you how
Come and try, Pandaren will be your guide

So key with fingertips
Sing owa-a-a
In Machinima clips
Do it la la la
You will see
It's a hated melody
So come and...

Slash-dance your toon, then sit back and watch her
Come feel the hate from all over the server
Lookin' so cute, but there's no romancin'
Why all the hate for pandarendansen?

From Stormwind to Orgrimmar and Lordaeron
From Shattrath to Booth Bay and Dalaran
See her there, dancing cute without a care

Just watch her move her hips
Sing Owa-a-a
In Silvermoon for tips
Do it la la la
You will see
It's a hated melody
So come and...



Pandaren are in the house tonight
All the server's gonna have a good time
This dance'll make you lose your mind
But we don't wanna see that--
Let's keep it cute now


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