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Derwood Bowen Wikipedia [New Version]

I read online the other day,
That clouds are known to make the sky look gray
But do I really wanna be mean
And change it to say they make the sky look green?
Sure, then I'll say the sun is blue
And that all deodorant smells like poo.
The world will believe me, I know that for sure
'Cause they think what's on this page is pure.
People use it for information for reports,
So I can make them write that baskets are used on tennis courts
I can totally screw up some students' grades
Because they use this site for a research aid.
And it's the information site that's all the rage,
So they think they can trust every single page.
And what is this site, you ask?

(wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki... WIKIPEDIA!)

So let's see, what else can I write?
Humans can turn into chickens on a full moon night
Mozart's proven to make you dumber,
And snowboarding is popular in the summer
Cars can go from one planet to another directly,
And Microsoft actually does something correctly.
Broken mirrors are actually good luck,
And there's a reality show that doesn't suck
Ants, when mixed with Elmer's Glue
Are the secret ingredient behind Tofu.
Mountains are capable of releasing poo,
Why do you think they call it Mountain Dew?
Pastries now can clean up a spilled liquid mistake,
Haven't you heard of a sponge cake?
I've now given the world my own reality
People are bound to believe it undoubtedly,
That's the beauty of a site that can be edited by all,
Whatever goes on the page is anyone's call,
It's the site everyone trusts...

(wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki... WIKIPEDIA!)
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