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David Tanny Ten Clowns demo

Ten Clowns

10 clowns walkin' everywhere, 10 clowns walkin' downtown,
One clown walked into the street, and a 50 ton bus had flattened him down.

9 clowns walkin' everywhere, 9 clowns walkin on the track,
One clown got hit by a train, and we are sure he won't be back.

8 clowns walkin' everywhere, 8 clowns walkin' by the sea,
A great white shark, grabbed a clown, ate him up and was history.

7 clowns walkin' everywhere, 7 clowns walkin' in the mall,
A dis-gruntled, gunman came, and shot a clown dead in the hall.

6 clowns walkin' everywhere, 6 clowns walkin' in the park,
Putbulls came and killed a clown, they never gave him a warning bark.

5 clowns walkin' everywhere, 5 clowns walkin' at camp,
One got eaten by a bear, they can't hurt it with a lamp.

4 clowns walkin' everywhere, 4 clowns in the parking lot,
A satellite fell from high above, and crushed one dead while he smoked pot.

3 clowns walkin' everywhere, 3 clowns in a coffee place,
A crazy man came in with a knife, and stabbed a clown dead in his face.

2 clowns walkin' everywhere, 2 clowns walkin' in a zoo,
One got eaten by a lion, then there were no longer two.

1 clown walkin' everywhere, 1 clown not having fun,
A zombie came and ate his brain, now the clowns, are, all, gone.

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