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Susan Buchert Democracy's Dirge

Pantsuit,Power Tie
Puppet, Patriot
Big Hands, Tiny Hands
Lock Her Up!
Pee Tapes Dossier
E-mail, WikiLeaks
Vladmir, Voter Fraud
Drain the Swamp!
Snowflake Liberals
Free Press Enemies
Dance to Democracy's Dirge.

Kremlin Kompromat
Libturd Climate Change
Fox News, Russian Bots
Orange Man!
Alt Right, Main Stream Press
Breitbart, New York Times
Bigly, Covfefe
Muslim Ban!
Crooked Hillary's
Health Care, I'm With Her
Dance to Democracy's Dirge.

Steve Bannon
Big Donald
Don Junior
Eric and
Jared and

Twitter, Terrorists
Fake News, Bowling Green
Basket Full of Deplorables!
Failing C N N
Spying Microwaves
Corner Taco Trucks
Build the Wall!
Grab your Pussy Hat
Get Your Party Gear and
Dance to Democracy's Dirge!

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