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The Nightsicles Metal Slime

From glamour to glitz
Rich as it gets
Cookin’ ‘cause I’m puttin on the
8-bit ritz

I started out hanging out down in the trash bin
Now I’m the prize for motherfuckers to cash in
With these excellent moves, I just can’t stop
I’m a bottom feeder going straight to the top
(Because I)

Genus ooze
Born to lose
A cheap palette swap with the colors diffused

They thought I was the minimum, but now I’m the maximum
They thought I was slime, but I’m a puddle of platinum

Bargain basement waste
Globulous grease
But I’m the one they all want ‘cause I make profits increase
If you can catch me, I’ll make you wealthy
But I always run away because I’m so stealthy

Once shunned scum
Now number one
The gelatinous plutocrat
That you can’t outrun

Cancel out your magic ‘cause you cannot dispel me
They thought I was slime, but I make u jelly
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