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Below Average Dave Mike An MJ Tribute

Mike, Hope you're at peace for ever more
We did not expect this-that's for sure
Back 'fore I was fully grown
When your hit songs came on
I got in to your beats
Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean
(Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean)

Mike, you messed up a lot ev'rywhere
But when you performed, still liked to hear
(liked to hear)
Though I may have been unkind
Your scandals shook my mind
There's one thing we all know
You rocked the microphone
(you rocked the microphone)

There's Rock With You, and then Scream
Startin' Stuff, P.Y.T.
(There's Rock With You, and then Scream
Startin' Stuff, P.Y.T.)

Mike, You were great back in the day
At your peak, your stuff blew me away
But one thing we know is true
No one was quite like you
The King of Pop is dead
Now "Ben"'s stuck in my head

..my head (my head)

..my head (my head)
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