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Derwood Bowen Mama Luigi

Here we are in Dinosaur Land,
Trouble starts, I'm falling for hours, and
I land on rocks, overshadowed by some blocks

I find an egg, I watch it hatch
A baby dinosaur, I look up and think that's
His parents there, think I'll leave the kid and go elsewhere.
So, I start to turn around...

But then, what do I hear him say as he starts to follow me?
"Mama, Mama Luigi"
The dinosaurs are starved, and I'm his only source of safety,
as Mama, Mama Luigi
Turns out he'd be alone, So now I have to raise him as my own,
And ever since that day, we've established who I am to Yoshi,
I'm Mama, Mama Luigi

We escaped through a pipe, wound up in the woods,
Surrounded by worms, found out they taste very good
To my new buddy, though I asked for help already

Along comes Mario, to try to bail us out
Yoshi swallows him whole, I make him spit him back out,
He now looks slobbery. Hey Mario, meet my new buddy!
But then, as I...

Try to call him 'buddy,' what does he, in return, call me?
Mama, Mama Luigi!
Being a guy called Mama has Mario laughing at me!
Mama, Mama Luigi!
Now, off to the Princess, we'll get her from King Koopa's place of rest
Now I must be a hero and keep the title bestowed me:
Mama, Mama Luigi!

Aw, snap, Yoshi's running away! Nom, nom, on everything in our way!
By threat of his hunger spree, King Koopa let the Princess free!!!

Now everyone is safe thanks to the secret weapon courtesy
Of Mama, Mama Luigi
After what the kid accomplished, I now wear that title proudly,
Mama, Mama Luigi
I'll remember this day well, I'll always have a great story to tell,
And I dream I'll be immortalized as an internet meme,
Mama, Mama Luigi!
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