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wildcard9 - Aug 16, 2011

I always knew that Bert was evil, just look at that unibrow!!

mrwompy - Aug 16, 2011

As always ... another GREAT parody from the two of you!! Lund & Spaff make me LAFF!!!

weirdojace - Aug 16, 2011

Haha, that's awesome.

stevegoodie - Aug 16, 2011

God I'm worried about you guys. Great job! Well done! Mup-tastic! (But, um, your lyric page doesn't quite match up with your audio... just sayin). Keep it up! You rock and rule as always! - Aug 16, 2011

Thanks for the comments, kids!

Steve: Oops - I forgot to update my site. The 2005 lyrics are frozen in time on, but they're all better now on

This comment has been brought to you today by the letters TYVM.

ProjectSisyphus - Aug 18, 2011

Brilliant, guys. According to my daughter, the show - which began sometime during the last Ice Age - started going downhill about the time Cookie Monster started to eat organic broccoli.

Adam - Aug 18, 2011

Awesome as always. One question though. The line, "Sometimes Kermit shoots up in da hood" - Was that a reference to Sad Kermit? Well done! - Aug 18, 2011

Adam: Funny you should ask. I originally wrote it as "Sometimes Kermit pimps in da hood." I later changed it and sent it to Robert as "Sometimes Kermit shoots up the hood" (i.e., with guns). Robert read it and sang it as "Sometimes Kermit shoots up in the hood." It's debatable whether Kermit is more prone to prostitution, violence, or drug abuse, but, to answer your question, the reference to "Sad Kermit" wasn't intentional on my part. Unless it makes us seem more pop-culturally astute, in which case, yeah, we totally did it on purpose. - Aug 18, 2011

Oops, didn't mean to overlook your comment, Bob. Ya know, someone ought to write a song about Cookie Monster eating something other than cookies. I suggest the title "C Is for Lettuce."

Jeff Reuben - Aug 19, 2011

I remember this, I loved it back when I first read it on amiright, and loved hearing the recording now.

Balder - Sep 1, 2011

The danger of falling behind on FuMPs is that I was late to this pigeon party. Great work Spaff and Lund. And don't worry about seeming pop-culturally astute. You've clearly got 'Street cred.

davewhite - Sep 7, 2011

I agree with Steve Goodie!!

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