The FuMP

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weirdojace - Jun 1, 2010

Udderly terrific.

nick007 - Jun 1, 2010

I thought the original was was overplayed but now I have a rezone to like it xD I'm suddenly want hamburgers

maxgoof - Jun 1, 2010

This is...WRONG!! And funny. :)

PowerSalad - Jun 1, 2010

BEEF. IT'S WHAT'S FOR COMEDY. (bum bum bum) Thanks to Spaff and Bob for their patience with my inability to schedule in the male vocals for this one, woulda been fun. Spaffalicious as always!

rick cormier - Jun 1, 2010

I actually worked in a slaughterhouse for two weeks. That was far too long. Despite that, I have no beef with the writer or performers of this parody.

mrwompy - Jun 2, 2010

8^) 8^) MOOOO!!!! 8^(

dino-mike - Jun 2, 2010

Awww... I like cows... and not for nutritional value. Great production on this tune.

Pascotimes - Jun 3, 2010

As they would say on "The Soup": So meaty!

ProjectSisyphus - Jun 5, 2010

From the production team, we loved doing up this bovine ballad. Spaff you are the original Mad Cow.

filkertom - Jun 10, 2010

I like cows. They like me. They go "moo". Excellent work, all.

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