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lukeski - Mar 24, 2020

Thanks for including me on this one, and for letting me add my Lego Batman bit at the end! Great song! WOO! :D

EclecticLee - Mar 24, 2020

I suspected that was a Luke Ski addition. Thanks for saving me from asking!

A-Log - Mar 24, 2020

I think we've found the theme song for 2020 as a whole so far.

EclecticLee - Mar 24, 2020

This is awesome! (Seemed like the appropriate word.)

Some might criticize you for using the British spelling of "cancelled" instead of the American "canceled". But I say you made it good for an INTERNATIONAL audience! (And most Americans won't know the difference anyway.)

devospice - Mar 24, 2020

I didn't know there was a difference! You can thank autocorrect for that one.

stevegoodie - Mar 24, 2020

Good one!

weirdojace - Mar 24, 2020

I had this exact idea, and I'm glad to see this turned out the exact way I envisioned it.

ldlang - Mar 26, 2020

At least my FuMP account hasn't been CANCELLED!!!! Thanks Devo Spice

ProjectSisyphus - Apr 3, 2020

Any way you spell it this is “awesome.”

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