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Balder - Feb 26, 2010

Damnhellwooyeah gentlemen! The blue ribbon line floored me.

Insane Ian - Feb 26, 2010

That was...EXCELLENT! Can't wait for MARSCON!

maxgoof - Feb 26, 2010

This was.... silly.

Medemia - Feb 26, 2010

Shoebox raps!? I think we can no longer procrastinate for the apocalypse because that is a sure sign that it's already upon us!

wildcard9 - Feb 26, 2010

SHOEBOX!!!!! But that was not a real rap, I did not hear one mention of Brooklyn!!

stevegoodie - Feb 26, 2010

SHOEBOX!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wait... I'm Shoebox. No, wait... I'm Luke Sky. No, wait... I'm God. And yes, I hate you all. Wait till you hear the next Taylor Swift CD...

madmanOTL - Feb 26, 2010

You made me smile at my work. Not very easy to do.

forestofthedead - Feb 26, 2010

Fantastic music.

filkertom - Feb 26, 2010

Yeah, stupid God! Stupid stupid God! Ain' got no fuckin taste, not to love these guys. Snif. ... In other words, gentlemen, simply effin marvelous.

critter42 - Feb 26, 2010

Well, you guys are managing to suck some more $$ out of my pocket this year :) This was excellent!

davewhite - Feb 27, 2010

This was really below FUMP standards...Assuming the FUMP has standards.

TVsKyle - Mar 1, 2010

It's good, if you like things that are hilarious and awesome like that, I suppose.

tazman - Mar 1, 2010

Can't stop listening or laughing. Is it so? Can this be real four kickass comedy musicians in 1 area rapping together and the place did'nt blow up. Looks like the end of the world is nigh. THAT WAS FUCKING AWSOME

Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III - Mar 1, 2010

But C.o.G. LOVES comedy musicians - except that >I< am the ego-maniacal uber geek!!! - Mar 6, 2010

Yay. Looking forward to more.

djseamus - Mar 14, 2010

Excellent work. Keep it up Cirque!

djseamus - Mar 14, 2010

.......Everyone's a jerk, if they can hear this and not crack a smirk.

stylo - Mar 15, 2010 there's a bunch of good ones here

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