The FuMP

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stevegoodie - Mar 11, 2011

Absolutely killer. Spaff and Lund, you continue to astound. And Mr. Emmet, you too sir are amazing. Thanks for tackling a VERY difficult production, VERY difficult vocal parts, and for being so damn funny too! Love the stroke line. Love everything!

Adam - Mar 11, 2011

Wow! Words fail me, but luckily (for all of us) they never fail Spaff. Another in a long series of home-runs, and I see no sign that you are even capable of less.

maxgoof - Mar 11, 2011

This is the kind of production I would love to produce at some point.

devospice - Mar 11, 2011

I can only imagine what it must be like to be 60 years old and think "Gee, somewhere right now my future wife is being born." Awesome song, guys.

EclecticLee - Mar 11, 2011

All hail the brilliance of Hef for setting up a career as a dirty old man. And all hail the brilliance of Spaff, Robert Lund, & co. for doing it so well.

mrwompy - Mar 11, 2011

HILARIOUS!!! Great job, as always, gentlemen!!!

Insane Ian - Mar 11, 2011

Another fantastic FuMP from Lund, Spaff & Emmet! Well done, all!

wildcard9 - Mar 11, 2011

Fantastic song!! I was laughing at it from the very start!!

badavecom - Mar 11, 2011

As always-brilliant lyrics by Spaff, superb execution by Robert Lund, a dynamic duo whose comedic edge is surpassed by no one

ProjectSisyphus - Mar 11, 2011

Awesome track from Robert and great vocals. But the "Ho Spice"/ "hospice" line is worth the price of admission right there.

morningsidekick - Mar 13, 2011

Epic. Laughed out loud at "Have a Stroke."
Jesse at Morning Sidekick

Jeff Reuben - Mar 14, 2011

The stroke line was a stroke of genius. Excellent production and hilarious lyrics as always!

djseamus - Mar 22, 2011

I don't approve of the man, but I DO approve of this rock-solid parody of one of my favorite songs from the Eighties. You rock, Lund, Spaff and company. But Hef's new mistress is 25? If he keels over, she'd be just the right age for me! Can't believe "Sledgehammer" is 25 years old 29 I'm older than the Peter Gabriel classic. Wow. But as Ian Anderson said, I'm "Too Old To Rock and Roll, Too Young To Die". :^)

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