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devospice - Oct 17, 2008

This song is everything!

ProjectSisyphus - Oct 17, 2008

What a brilliant and much-deserved parody of a sickeningly-sweet original song. Great vocal from Robert as well, and the video is AWESOME! A toast of Bubl

lukeski - Oct 17, 2008

Woo Hoo! Here's to FuMPers making music videos! Great job Lund, Spaff, Kyle & all! One of these days I need to put my videos for "Stealing Like A Hobbit" and "Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues" on YouTube.

dino-mike - Oct 17, 2008

Great Job!!! Loved the video. Aces all the way.

MarlinsGirl - Oct 17, 2008

This song Rocks!!!

squirreludecker - Oct 18, 2008

i can honestly say this is my favorite robert lund song

filkertom - Oct 18, 2008

This is fantastic. Superb work all around. Spaff, the lyrics are tight and hilarious. Robert, freakin' wow -- wonderful performance, both singing and on screen. Kyle, excellent cinematography and editing. Cute chick, dang. Just superb all around.

djseamus - Oct 23, 2008

Great stuff Rob and Spaff, but a quick did you ever get a hold of my life story? Kidding...he he. :^) I enjoyed all of your costume changes in the video...and I thought I had a lot to do in my amateur theater performances! Jeez! I also agree with Tom, that chick is cute. I could also add hot, smokin', all that and a bag of chips, (insert your favorite term of endearment here).

carlau - Oct 24, 2008

that song- it reminds me of that cool relief after throwing up. Robert, you keep hitting them out of the park. never heard you before i joined the fump. love everything i've heard of yours here. nope, no sarcasm. just shock and awe. and awwww. - Oct 28, 2008

Thanks for the kind comments, all. Much appreciated. The "chick" is Sue Rowe - I'll be sure to pass along your evaluation of her talents. And if any of you haven't seen the high-def version of this video on Vimeo yet (as opposed to low-def on YouTube), check it out.

voiceroy - Oct 30, 2008

What a crazy, funny, great song. Suck it, Bubl

Rev. Zack - Nov 2, 2008

Great Song, loved the Video! I'm look forward to play on my next show.

forestofthedead - Feb 12, 2010

Absolutely awesome.

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