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weirdojace - Mar 23, 2010

Nothing makes me feel awesome like drugs do. And when I don't have any drugs, thankfully I can listen to awesome songs about drugs! Well done, Spaff and Robert.

maxgoof - Mar 23, 2010

This is the kind of quality parody I want to be able to make.

weirdojace - Mar 23, 2010

Max, you hit a good one with Census. Keep making songs like that one. :)

JonnySpazzbourne - Mar 23, 2010

Good one. The "bottle opener" and "nuclear weapons" lines were hilarious.

Balder - Mar 23, 2010

Man we have had some amazing stuff lately. This just keeps it going. Excellent!

ProjectSisyphus - Mar 23, 2010

A very fitting tribute to this hackneyed wedding standard, and a brilliant lyrical collaboration between Spaff and Claude Prez. "Queen of Freaks" floored I wanna find Max's Census song!

nick007 - Mar 23, 2010

so it does NOT help for "threat of castration with a bottle opener"... Us guys are still screwed or I should say not screwed xD

dino-mike - Mar 24, 2010

A well produced and performed song indeed... if it weren't so damn true it would be funny.

mrwompy - Mar 26, 2010

Yet ANOTHER great parody by you guys!! Funny!!!

filkertom - Apr 2, 2010

Heard it, and just started singin' along. "Mi-dol, Mi-dol, Mi-dolllll...."

Barnside - Apr 4, 2010

Just heard it on the The Mad Music Dementia Top 20! Thanks for the great laughs R & S

weirdojace - Apr 4, 2010

*just realized R & S can mean Raymond & Scum or Robert & Spaff* ...CONSPIRACY!!!

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