The FuMP

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lukeski - Dec 24, 2017

I have eaten the bread, and can attest to it's pumpkinness and it's breadness. Thank you for posting this here, Kyle. I hope my superior rapping skills served you well on this track. Word.

RengeOtomi - Dec 24, 2017

Great song. Recommending it to my friends.

CupheadStar045 - Dec 24, 2017

Love your songs and the album work since discovering Worm Quartet at this site. Saw how some of your albums were drawn by hand at times. But they always come out perfect shade of black and other colors. How? When I scan my manga work, no matter how much contrast and brightness I use, it always looks faded gray or faded in general.

number11 - Dec 29, 2017

First Consider My Goat and now President Pumpkin Bread. Kyle goes political!

Insane Ian - Dec 30, 2017

I'd vote for the Pumpkin Bread.

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