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Alverant - Oct 29, 2019

I liked the song, but the line about "character arcs" annoyed me. It seems like all the character development of Fin and Po from Force Awakens was left out of Last Jedi. You can't have a character arc if the characters get reset part way through it. There were some good things in LJ, but some bad writing too. I suspect corporate sabotage and I certainly don't blame the actors and actresses.

jeffwhitmire47 - Oct 30, 2019

I understand. But, that line was specifically in reference to Luke. I knew a lot of people that were soured by Luke's potrayal in the movie and I personally thought that they way the handled his disillusionment with the Force made a lot of sense. Again, no intent to offend people who simply didn't like the movie, but I do have an issue when "fans" harass actors simply for being in a movie they don't like.

Alverant - Oct 30, 2019

Jeff, you and I are on the same page about harassing the actors. I also agree about Luke's arc (except they should have spent more time on it instead of letting it be a big surprise). I wasn't offended by anything in the song. It's just how Disney will conveniently forget about character development from earlier movies. Take Starlord for example in the MCU we got to see him grow up but in Infinity War he reverted back to the manchild we saw in the beginning of GoG1.

- Oct 30, 2019

Seems that ever since Disney bought Star Wars and The Force Awakens began, the so-called true fans tried to start some revolution against Disney for "ruining the franchise." I've seen rant videos from the "true" fans where they claim that the new films try to push some social justice message among other excuses, and then they go on a limb to rant about some of the most trivial nothings as if they automatically ruin the movies like where Luke was milking an alien. But insulting and harassing the actors doesn't do anything except make the fanbase look bad. That's why I wouldn't consider these guys fans because they're fanboys, and fanboys usually damage a fanbases reputation because of them being fanatically devoted to something that they will go on a wrath if someone dare touches their beloved franchise. And that is exactly what these "true" Star Wars fans are doing.

Alverant - Oct 31, 2019

Agreed! I have issues with the new films, but there are some good things about it too. I like that they are taking SW in a new direction. For instance the idea that anyone can become the hero/heroine. I would have been disappointed if Rey wound up being the daughter of a famous person. But there was some poor writing too. The "hyperspace tracking" device was jumbled mess that went nowhere. The problem is being able to point out the faults of a movie without being lumped into the extreme fans.

Insane Ian - Nov 5, 2019

Probably my favorite song of yours...the first song I heard on your YouTube page and I was instantly a fan! Well done! So glad you got this on your new album!

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