The FuMP

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lukeski - Feb 25, 2022

The King has returned.

ldlang - Feb 25, 2022

I wish, oh how I wish you could from some of them...

Clydesdale - Feb 25, 2022

An anthem that for this little slice of time we live in.

stevegoodie - Feb 25, 2022

My oh my yes. Plus, yes. I may at some point ask permission to record a ballad-version of this. Think it over... not that I minded having to read the lyrics... no really... it was fun... I'm just... well... it would be neat. I think.

Deadby28 - Feb 28, 2022

Great song, you guys are spittin' fire

Insane Ian - Feb 28, 2022

I like the part where there's this song.

lukeski - Mar 1, 2022


A-Log - Mar 3, 2022

The title is not only demented, but epic at the same time!

Vladinatrix - Mar 23, 2022

THIS. F***ING. SLAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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