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Alchav - Jun 19, 2007

This is an AWESOME SONG!! I heard this back when it was played on the radio during an interview with The Gothsicles like forever ago, awesome.

scarybug - Jun 19, 2007

Woooo! I hadn't had a chance to hear this version. Triple Shot was partly responsible for me coming up with the idea for Trilobots ( Brian, if you ever want to include a little flash game hidden on an album, shoot me an email.

seamonkey - Jun 19, 2007

Thanks darkNES... I'm always down for another Gothsicles remix! You guys rock the friggin' casbah (ancient word for "arcade").
PS - Midway games rule!!!

BathTub - Jun 20, 2007

Ok, this was fun, I think I need me some more Gothsicles.

Balder - Jun 21, 2007

A triple shot would have made teenage Rob Balder cream his lederhosen. (I wore lederhosen in my teens, til I found out that being first to do something does not automatically make you a trendsetter.)

Balder - Jun 21, 2007

Oh yeah, and awesome song.

djseamus - Jun 24, 2007

I used to play Galaga on those big old machines in pizza parlors way back in the day....thanks for taking me back to the late Eighties/early Nineties! It's a catchy song, I must admit...the Holy Grail reference was unexpected but much enjoyed.

djseamus - Jun 28, 2007

It's me, those vocals are something else. You must have had to drink a gallon of water after you recorded this. I can't imagine how parched Marilyn Manson, or the lead singer from Korn must feel after a concert. On an unrelated note, great lyrics.

NakedBrainStudios - Sep 18, 2007

friggin Rocks!!

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