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oddaustin - Jul 26, 2009

I'm surprised there way more comments on this. Quite awesome work, guys. I'm a big Green Day fan, and I was just waiting for this one to get parodied. I think the music/vocals, and lyrics are really well done. The only thing I thought could've been a little better was the mix (Or maybe that's just me). Either way, another great track by the combined super group: Emmepaffund

weirdojace - Jul 26, 2009

I actually like Robert Lund songs better when Bob Emmet mixes them. He does a good job. I don't like the way Lund always mixes his vocals 6 decibels louder than the instrumental.

oddaustin - Jul 26, 2009

Really? I actually thought the music could be a little louder on this one. The drum and bass doesn't have as much as an impact as it does in the original.

weirdojace - Jul 26, 2009

Yeah, I felt the same way on Emmet's "Wake Me Up When This Math Class Ends." Still pretty good though. But I do think Emmet does a better job with the production.

BathTub - Jul 26, 2009

Heh I was waiting to hear how Robert did on Billie Joe's high notes. Not dissapointed! Well done guys!

BathTub - Jul 26, 2009

Oh and did I miss the announcment that the artist is now officially "Robert Lund and" for the artist name? - Jul 26, 2009

Thanks for the comments, guys. FYI, due to crappy communication on my part, both Bob and Robert did final mixes of this song. Despite the duplication of effort, neither of them complained, so I'm fortunate to work with a couple of guys who are not only very professional but very patient.

As for the artist name change from "Robert Lund" to "Robert Lund and," I'm not bucking for more credit; I'm trying to reduce confusion. I regularly get contacted by people who think that is Robert Lund's website and/or pseudonym, and I knew the confusion would be even greater if/when I started writing an artist blog, so hopefully listing us both in the artist name will clarify that we're two separate people.

weirdojace - Jul 26, 2009

Spaff is the king of lyrics. This is one great parody. Well done, everybody involved.

JakeWaters - Jul 27, 2009

I don't know, Spaff. I'm not sure you and Robert aren't the same person. I mean, I never see you guys in the same place at the same time. In fact, I never see either of you. Hmmm... Conspiracy? By the way, I totally dig this song. Awesome job done by all!

PowerSalad - Jul 27, 2009

"Hidden like it's Easter/I've a cellphone in the keister......" - Groovy!

weirdojace - Jul 27, 2009

Awesome new mix. Glad you guys pay attention to us audiophiles. :)

oddaustin - Jul 27, 2009

Much better mix. Now it has the 3 seals of awesome great mix, great lyrics, Green Day parody. I give it 84 out of 10. - Jul 27, 2009

Thanks for the lovely comments! That's what makes this so rewarding. (Heaven knows it ain't the money.)

Attention audiophiles: As of right this second (8:45 PM ET) there's a NEW MIX up. Have at it.

ProjectSisyphus - Jul 27, 2009

Just for the record, the mix up here now has additional content added by Robert Lund and was remixed by him. Thanks all for your comments and criticisms re: my mixes in general. Weirdojace, "Math Class," another Green Day parody, was the bane of my existence for weeks. Unfortunately its very difficult for one geriatric studio musician to replace four angry teenagers armed with Rectified Marshall stacks. That said, I sure enjoyed this song and the liberal sprinkling of Spaff's double entendres. 'Cept now I'm kinda hungry.

badavecom - Jul 27, 2009

Holy Crap that was funny

mrwompy - Jul 27, 2009

Great song, guys! As I listened, I wasn't thinking about the mix or things like that ... I was just laughing! (Now this old geezer needs to listen to the song being parodied, since I'm not familiar with it!)

djseamus - Aug 2, 2009

Leave it to Spaff to bring to mind something completely different when writing about something normal and every-day. Props to the Pillsberry Dough-Boy impersonator....he truly has something to be giggling about. :^) - Sep 11, 2009

Thanks, kids! - Sep 11, 2009

voiceroy - Sep 12, 2009

Another spafftacular spoof. Nice work guys.

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