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SteveHarper - Dec 13, 2011

Amazing that a parody about zombies has less depressing lyrics than the original. I can tell that I am getting old when I hear the parody before the song that inspired it. This one, like "Hey Old Stripper", is better than the original. "Undead Elves" is on my new show that just posted at Thanks for what you do

MarlinsGirl - Dec 13, 2011

very catchy song Lund and Spaff.

Insane Ian - Dec 13, 2011

Nicely done!! Been waiting for a parody of this for a bit...

mrwompy - Dec 14, 2011

Just like SteveHarper above, I'm getting closer to being an old geezer because I don't know a lot of the songs that are being parodied now. But .... this is a hilarious song!!! You guys are the masters of this!!

voiceroy - Dec 15, 2011

To those who haven't heard FTP's original: I can't even understand the lyrics due to the mic distortion gimmick. Ironically, that fact boosts the comedy value of this spaff spoof for me.

dino-mike - Dec 15, 2011

Could barely understand the lyrics... which is unfortunate cuz they're funny as hell. - Dec 15, 2011

I can barely understand the lyricist.

Thanks for the comments, all you tasty little girls and boys.

muckdog - Dec 17, 2011

Man, I wish I had listened to this before I paid iTunes for the Pumped Up Kicks song. THIS is better!

Jeff Reuben - Dec 24, 2011

Brilliant idea, I died laughing.

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