The FuMP

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A-Log - Jun 27, 2023

Man, this is hilarious! The concept of Yosemite Sam being a rapper is pretty loony in and of itself. This will definitely be a hit on my show!

JoeActor - Jun 27, 2023

Yo Sam! Very funny!

notewayre - Jun 27, 2023

Love it

lukeski - Jun 27, 2023

Nailed it. Absolutely perfect.

kahnman - Jun 27, 2023

I Like this Song And It Reminds Me Of The Song Mel Blanc Did Of Him. Great Job I Will Be Playing It on Season 18 Of My Show

Tass_b - Jun 29, 2023

Love it great job

Insane Ian - Jul 1, 2023

Amazing impression, and great research for the lyrics! Bravo!

2sleepsmusic - Jul 2, 2023

Dude, this is so good! I freakin lost it at the "when I say whoa, I means whoa!" part. Ah, so many memories...

Alchav - Jul 3, 2023

You do a great Yosemite Sam impression

artpaul - Jul 7, 2023

I like this so much I had to watch the video

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