The Best of Robert Lund

by Robert Lund


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The Best of Robert Lund presents The Best of Robert Lund!

25 tracks of hilarious songs penned by Spaff and recorded by Robert Lund, including his hit songs "I Got Crabs from Darth Vader," "99 Words for Boobs", "Re: Your Song About My Client Delilah," and "Save Me, Obama."

This CD features liner notes written by legendary radio personality Dr. Demento and a reversible insert, so you have your choice of what cover you want to see on the outside.

This is the ultimate collection of Robert Lund songs and a must for any fan of his music.

Track List

1. Invocation

2. I Got Crabs from Darth Vader

3. 99 Words for Boobs

4. I'm Everything

5. I Peed in the Pool

6. Re: Your Song About My Client Delilah

7. Iranian Uranium

8. We Drank a Toast to Underpants

9. Ten Foot Two, Skin of Blue

10. Unbeatable Buns

11. Band-Aid

12. Uranus!

13. Eat You Now

14. (I Wanna Be Your) Hugh Hefner

15. Welcome to the Klyuchevskaya Sopka

16. Bert's No Good

17. But You Get to Have Cake

18. King Kong

19. Midol

20. U-R-I-N-A-L

21. Save Me, Obama

22. Where I'm Keeping You

23. Shakespearean Pie

24. Undead Elves

25. Benediction