Madam Opus - Funny Songs by Funny Women

by Various Artists


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Madam Opus - Funny Songs by Funny Women

For years comedy has been seen as "a boys club" and in many ways it still is. Comedy-music is no different. That's why we are proud to present Madam Opus - Funny Songs by Funny Women, a collection of comedy songs written and performed by female artists.

This compilation album features female artists from around the world and from various walks of life who all produce outstanding comedy music. And they are all gathered here on what we believe to be the first ever all-female comedy-music compilation.

This album features songs by The Doubleclicks, Jessica Delfino, Carla Ulbrich, Reformed Whores, Meri Amber, and many more, including Lauren Mayer's song "The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song," the video for which has been viewed over 3 million times, and Carrie Dahlby's parody "Don't Talk About Size" which came in at #21 on Dr. Demento's year-end Funny 25 countdown of the most requested songs of the year.

The album cover was illustrated by Lindsay "Linzilla" Smith who was the lead character designer on Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords.

It all started at FuMPFest 2016 when a fan arranged all of the merchandise by female artists into one area and made up a sign that read "Comedy music needs more female musicians." At the end of the convention all the female artists gathered for a photo and another attendee asked if there were any albums of just female comedy musicians. Well, now we can proudly say that yes, there is.

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Track List

1. Show Me on the Doll - Bad Beth and Beyond

2. Ode To A Summer Retail Job - The Doubleclicks

3. Stupefied by Maladies Defying Diagnosis - Carla Ulbrich

4. Fruit Have Feelings - Meri Amber

5. The Long Pig - Killy Dwyer

6. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song - Lauren Mayer

7. SPRCMNSM - Holy Bongwater

8. Spiders and Rain - Jessica Delfino

9. Don't Talk About Size - Carrie Dahlby

10. (She's Your) Girlfriend - Marian Rosin

11. Girls Poop Too - Reformed Whores

12. The Bosom Song - Donita Smith

13. Stop Covering Hallelujah - Beth Kinderman

14. Questions - Jessica Delfino

15. Overnight Success (After 38 Years) - Lauren Mayer

16. Summer of LXIX - Bad Beth and Beyond