The FuMP Volume 84: November - December 2020

by Artist of The FuMP


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The FuMP Volume 84: November - December 2020

It's the end of 2020, finally, and we have a new release!

The FuMP Volume 84 collects all the songs we posted during November and December of 2020, and ends with a special bonus alternate version of "In the Year 2020" by Drew Jacobs!

This album features the FuMP debuts of D.C. and Co. who sings about things you can't do in a kayak, and Nurserached, who sings about the end of his opera career, which makes sense now that he's posting songs to The FuMP. This album also features the return of some old favorites including Raymond and Scum, Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction, and MEGATHRUSTER.

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Track List

1. You're Tearing Me Apart (A Parody Inspired By 'The Room') by Michael William Hunter

2. Love at the Bottom of the Bowl by TV's Kyle

3. Say Something (I'm Throwing Up on You) by Maria T Comedy

4. In A Kayak by D.C. and Co.

5. Rudolph Dropped A Package On My Rooftop (Reindeer Song #2) by Steve Goodie

6. Two Years Too Late by Raymond and Scum

7. You're Like Hitler by Brian Woodbury

8. Playing Keyboard With My Stomach by Art Paul Schlosser

9. My Opera Career's Over by Nurseratched

10. Santa's Working From Home by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction

11. The 2020 Christmas Song by Robert Lund and

12. Mandalorian by Devo Spice

13. Two-Step Christmas by Steve Goodie

14. 1963 TV's Kyle Fan Club Christmas Record by TV's Kyle

15. A Sack of Christmas Joy by Bad Beth and Beyond

16. I Want A Giant Meteor For Christmas by Consortium Of Genius

17. Christmas Coffee by MEGATHRUSTER

18. Dear God (Unplugged Except For The AC Adapter For The Digital Piano Because Otherwise It'd Just Be Clicks) by Worm Quartet

19. BONUS: In the Year 2020 (Alternate Version) by Drew Jacobs