The FuMP Volume 93: May - June 2022

by Artist of The FuMP


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The FuMP Volume 93: May - June 2022

FuMP 93 is full of stranger things than usual, such as a death metal song about a puppysaur, a 1950's doo-wop political commentary, and even a spark plug omelette. Then there's the song about Stranger Things itself which inspired the cover.

Worm Quartet gets political with "Brandon," a song about the right's first real meme. Joe J Thomas gives a history lesson about the "Defeat of the Spanish Armada." And Devo Spice does another fan suggested song with "Zipper Injuries," which was suggested by fellow FuMP artist Jeff Whitmire.

This album also includes the previously unreleased spoken word track "Every Time You Stifle a Sneeze" by Lemon Demon.

Plus, this album includes video of Steve Goodie's appearances on The FuMPCast where he attempted to perform his songs "All My Favorite Clothes Are Falling Apart" and "Mobile Trash Unit" live on the show.

Track List

1. I Just Wanna (Pet Your Cat) by Mikey Mason

2. The Postie Song by Mot Thorne & the Infractions

3. I Don't Wanna Go Back to 1950 by Lauren Mayer

4. TechnoEnforcinator by The Belle Isle Rats

5. Brandon by Worm Quartet

6. Infographic by Andrew Butler

7. All My Favorite Clothes Are Falling Apart by Steve Goodie

8. Weird Alcoholic by Dead by 28

9. Merry Berry Muffins by TV's Kyle

10. No One Believes Me (Satirical Stranger Things Song) by Captain Ambivalent

11. Pupasaur by 2 Sleeps

12. Mobile Trash Unit by Steve Goodie

13. What The Hell is Wrong With You People? by Lauren Mayer

14. Every Time You Stifle a Sneeze by Lemon Demon

15. Defeat of the Spanish Armada by Joe J Thomas

16. Spark Plug Omelette by The Belle Isle Rats

17. Zipper Injuries by Devo Spice