The FuMP Volume 99: May - June 2023

by Artist of The FuMP


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The FuMP Volume 99: May - June 2023

FuMP 99 features all the songs posted to The FuMP between May and June of 2023, including new songs by The Belle Isle Rats, Joe J Thomas, Worm Quartet, and more!

Hear Insane Ian perform "KANG!" live at FuMPFest 2021. Hear the opening number from Steve Goodie's show about Weird Al and Daniel Radcliffe. And hear Jeff Whitmire parody "Weird Al" Yankovic with a song about the horror movie series V/H/S.

This album also features the FuMP debuts of John Trentes and Trevor Walls, plus the return of the Knuckleheadz!

Plus, this album features an exclusive video highlights reel from MarsCon 2023!

Track List

1. Brand New Chaos by The Belle Isle Rats

2. Both My Cats Are Democrats by John Trentes

3. Little Gerbil by Steve Goodie

4. Why Does Everybody Call Me Bighead by John Wayre

5. Brush Your Teeth And Go To Sleep by Knuckleheadz

6. Dr. Mom! by Joe J Thomas

7. Invader Zim by Ookla The Mok

8. I Got $nackz by Jon Mishner

9. Mic Stand by Worm Quartet

10. V/H/S by Jeff Whitmire

11. KANG! (Live From FuMPFeST 2021) by Insane Ian

12. My Little Country Gal by The Right Reverend Jarvis T. Hornswoggle

13. Dissociative (ford, I think I'm a sofa) by 2 Sleeps

14. Weird Al Is My Hero And So Is Daniel Radcliffe by Steve Goodie

15. Get Puppies, Get Kittens by Knuckleheadz

16. Somethings Going On In The Neighbourhood by John Wayre

17. Yo! Sam by Devo Spice

18. FROGS! by Trevor Walls